Revisiting the Union City Town Center TAD. A KB Advisory Group 2018 Tax Allocation District (TAD) Case Study.

Revisiting the Union City Town Center TAD

Map of TAD #2 Potential Locations

Revisiting the Union City Town Center TAD

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Location: Union City, GA

Clients: Dentons US LLP and the City of Union City

Services provided: 2018 Tax Allocation District (TAD) base and boundary reset to create TAD #2 for the City Center Corridor in Union City, GA



Revisiting the Union City Town Center TAD. In 2018, KB Advisory Group (KBupdated the Town Center Redevelopment Plan and TAD. A consultant to Dentons, KB reset the base and boundaries of Union City TAD #1. Then KB helped put the new City Center Corridor TAD in place before year-end. That allowed Union City to take advantage of redevelopment opportunities in 2019.



Working with Dentons and City staff, KB determined the boundary of the new TAD #2. The limits were based on visits to evaluate the potential of each parcel for inclusion in the new district. That meant revising and redefining the broader redevelopment area for TAD #1, establishing the extent of the proposed new TAD, and financial projections. KB assisted in implementing the new boundaries, goals, and development opportunities and proposed public improvements. The firm also identified the broad economic and market forces impacting the redevelopment area. To do so, KB completed several tasks:



  • Assess TAD capacity based on consultations about proposed future projects in the area, then
  • Determine base year assessments for the proposed TAD district, and next,
  • Estimate the potential assessed value of likely redevelopment in TAD based on the pattern and density expected in the short and long term, and also
  • Evaluate possible uses for initial TAD funding to support redevelopment and also ensure compliance proposed plan area, then
  • Determine the overall potential financial performance of the proposed Union City TAD #2, then
  • Prepare preliminary economic analysis of revised TAD possibilities; based on the level of development projected in the initial TAD plans, and modified to reflect proposed new boundaries, finally
  • Prepare the Revised TAD Redevelopment Plan to reflect new TAD #2 boundaries, associated revised tax, potential values, and related statistics.



Lastly, KB assisted Dentons with the City, County, and School Board negotiations, obtaining approval and concurrence on the proposed TAD district. And as a result, using their incremental portion of future district property taxes. The firm’s role was to deal with financial and market issues that needed analysis during negotiations.


That meant working with Dentons and Union City to create the most functional structure for future TAD operations. Concurrently, to seek local buy-in for the plan. KB presented the new TAD plan at public meetings, public hearings, and one-on-one discussions with key elected officials to achieve that. KB also quantified the individual and collective revised redevelopment plan fiscal and economic impacts from the County Commission and School Board perspectives.


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