KB Advisory Group Case Study on TAD Advisory Services for City of Douglasville, Georgia: An overview of Tax Allocation District (TAD) work

Planning and TAD Advisory Services for the City of Douglasville, Georgia

Image of recommended Douglasville TAD Boundaries

Planning and TAD Advisory Services for the City of Douglasville, Georgia

Image of the cover of the Douglasville TAD Redevelopment Plan cover.

Location: Downtown Area

Client: City of Douglasville, Georgia

KB Advisory Group has performed TAD Advisory Services for the City of Douglasville, Georgia, for several years.


KB began working with Douglasville in 2017 as a Downtown Master Plan sub-consultant. KB’s role was to assess the financial feasibility and fiscal implications of proposed redevelopment options for critical parcels. The assignment included modeling alternatives for the former County Jail site.


In 2019, Douglasville asked KB to prepare a TAD Redevelopment Plan for the Downtown Area.


KB evaluated redevelopment options for much of the City. As a result, KB recommended a large redevelopment area and a single TAD with shared boundaries. Next, KB wrote the TAD Redevelopment Plan on behalf of the City, which the City Council adopted. Finally, KB assisted the implementation effort by drafting TAD policies and procedures.


KB’s TAD Advisory Services in Douglasville continued in 2021.


KB worked with the development authority. First, assisting Douglasville in securing a master developer for the mixed-use portion of the former County Jail site. So that role included drafting an RFP for developer proposals. Second, KB negotiated an agreement with the preferred developer. In addition, KB stayed involved until the execution of the development agreement.


Key Accomplishments:

  • KB identified TAD boundaries for downtown redevelopment
  • KB wrote a TAD Redevelopment Plan
  • KB worked with the City to obtain the adoption of the plan
  • KB assisted the City in finding a developer to execute a TAD project
  • KB wrote the first draft of a development agreement.


KB’s blog post “The Douglasville Town Green Project Gets Underway” provides details on a project made possible by the Downtown TAD, and here is a live link to the final TAD Deliverable.