City of Dalton 2020 TADs: Description of KB Advisory Group's planning and TAD advisory services for Dalton, GA

2020 City of Dalton TADs

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2020 City of Dalton TADs

Location: Whitfield County, GA

Client: City of Dalton, GA

Planning and TAD Advisory Services for the City of Dalton, GA


WHO and WHY: City of Dalton

In 2020, KB Advisory Group helped the City of Dalton and the Dalton-Whitfield Joint Development Authority (JDA) to assess the potential for expanding the number of Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) in that City.


WHAT: 2020 City of Dalton TADs

2020 City of Dalton TADs: Dalton was interested in exploring two locations for new TADs, generally identified as the “North Bypass” and “West Walnut Avenue.” Both TADs included parcels first annexed into the City of Dalton. The North Bypass TAD was created by amending the City’s existing redevelopment plan, which KB prepared in 2015, and adding it as the third district created under that 2015 Plan. West Walnut Avenue was located outside the boundaries of the 2015 redevelopment area and thus required KB to draft a new redevelopment plan focused on that commercial corridor.


Key accomplishments of KB’s work on the 2020 City of Dalton TADs:

  • Conducted a preliminary analysis of each Dalton study area to quantify financial investments and evaluate options for TAD boundaries
  • Outlined a redevelopment strategy to qualify the Walnut Avenue corridor as a “redevelopment area” under the statute
  • Completed all tasks required to draft and amend the redevelopment plans
  • Presented plan details to the City Council at required public hearings
  • Assisted the City’s legal counsel with drafting the respective adopting resolutions and
  • Worked with the County Assessor to certify the base values of the individual Districts.


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