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Economic Impact Analyses

In an Economic Impact Analysis, the KB Advisory Group (KB) team examines how real estate investment and economic activity impact the broader economy of a designated area. We look at both the direct impacts—every dollar spent or job worked in the area—and the subsequent indirect impacts from the activity to determine the overall benefit within a broader economic ecosystem. 


Economic Impact Analyses generally analyze two measures of economic impact: general economic benefit and local public revenues delivered to an area from the economic activity. These measures of economic impact are evaluated in terms of the impacts from construction, operations, employees, and visitors during the project timeline and the benefits from the activity that will occur annually. 

North Clayton High School Economic and Fiscal Impact Study

Location: College Park, GA Client: Clayton County Public Schools Lead Consultant: KB Advisory Group Services provided: Economic Impact Analysis KB Advisory Group leads an Economic Impact Study for Clayton County Public Schools   KB Advisory Group (KB) Scope Clayton County Public Schools engaged KB Advisory Group to conduct an...