North Clayton High School Economic and Fiscal Impact Study

North Clayton High School Economic and Fiscal Impact Study

Location: College Park, GA

Client: Clayton County Public Schools

Lead Consultant: KB Advisory Group

Services provided: Economic Impact Analysis

KB Advisory Group leads an Economic Impact Study for Clayton County Public Schools


KB Advisory Group (KB) Scope

Clayton County Public Schools engaged KB Advisory Group to conduct an economic impact analysis for a proposed newly-constructed nine-hole executive golf course and an indoor track facility as part of the new North Clayton High School (“NCHS Sports Facilities”).


Existing Conditions

The firm conducted a kick-off meeting with all relevant parties, reviewing information regarding the sports and entertainment development and other key data needed about the development to support the analysis.

Based draft plans provided by Clayton County Public Schools, the NCHS Sports Facilities will include a 350,000 SF school, along with a nine-hole executive golf course, and a 2,000-seat indoor track facility.

These facilities will provide a practice field for golf and track teams within the county school system as well as space for non-school related events. Together the golf course and track facility are anticipated to hold dozens of events per year that will provide opportunity to grow the economic and fiscal benefits that are planned to be provided by these publicly-owned facilities.


The Findings

Findings from the economic impact study considered both the direct impacts from development and the indirect or induced impacts from development on the local economy.


Construction, labor, and construction worker spending are estimated to create $77.3 million in economic impact and support over 560 jobs. Upon build-out, on-going operations of the track facility and golf course are estimated to create $12.3 million in annual economic impact and support over 70 jobs, including “indirect” jobs that will be supported by the 35 new jobs at the subject site.

On-site operations are estimated almost $150,000 in annual sales tax revenues. These revenues in addition to the profits generated by operations will benefit both Clayton County and Clayton County Public Schools.


To read the final Economic Impact Report, click here.