KB Advisory Group’s President visits Oklahoma; KB is working with TSW on the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Collinsville in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Visiting Collinsville

Graphic of the Collinsville, OK Comprehensive Plan Logo

Visiting Collinsville


Geoff Koski’s trip in September 2022: KB Advisory Group’s President visits Oklahoma


Visiting Collinsville. In May 2021, Atlanta-based TSW, an architecture, planning, and landscape architecture firm, established a Tulsa, OK, office. KB Advisory Group is a sub-consultant to the Oklahoma Office, working on the City of Collinsville Comprehensive Plan in Northeastern Oklahoma. KB President Geoff Koski attended the Public Kick-off Meeting and first Community Education Session in September 2022.


Flyer for the Public Kick-Off Meeting for the Collinsville Comprehensive Plan



Visting Collinsville. What is KB doing in Oklahoma?

KB and TSW are frequent collaborators, and Geoff was pleased to join the TSW Tulsa Staff for the Collinsville Comp Plan effort. The team will produce a road map outlining how to implement Collinsville’s long-term vision for land development. KB is responsible for the project’s Economic and Market Data Assessment. The analysis and findings will result in strategies that assist TSW in developing goals and objectives for the Comp Plan.

KB’s assessment will ensure the locations, facilities, and infrastructure to support job growth are compatible with the city’s desired target industries’ needs. Collinsville must make informed development decisions that account for the factors impacting development—for example, economics, the environment, the housing market, transportation, etc. KB will help TSW and the city by examining the local and regional population, employment, and development opportunities. Additionally, KB will identify the market changes impacting the city’s future needs to help Collinsville manage growth.


Collinsville Comp Plan Kick-off and Community Education

Visiting Collinsville. At the September Kick-off, Geoff presented “Now,” Collinsville’s Economic and Market Data. KB prepared a Baseline Report on employment, demographics, housing, commercial real estate, and retail spending to do that. The report contains a summary of trends impacting future economic and housing development. It will help the city establish policies to encourage the desired land-use mix that benefits residents, employees, and businesses.

We will be back periodically as the project continues with updates on the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Collinsville, OK.


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