The Decatur City Commission adopted the 2030 Strategic Plan earlier this month, and it won an award!

News about Decatur’s Destination 2030

News about Decatur’s Destination 2030

KB Advisory Group congratulates the City of Decatur, Georgia, and Tunnell-Spangler Walsh & Associates, Inc. (TSW) on the passage of Destination 2030. The Decatur City Commission has adopted Decatur 2030 Strategic Plan, a new Comprehensive Plan, and the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI). We could not be happier for the city, our client, and our partners.

Decatur Strategic Plan/Comprehensive Plan/ LCi Study Update

The update of Decatur’s Strategic Plan began almost two years ago. TSW asked KB to assist and provide Real Estate Market Analysis for the three individual efforts, which ran concurrently. We also performed a detailed target industry and housing characteristic analysis. In addition to more traditional economic development/strategic plan services and LCI market analysis, KB offered data and analytical support for the Decatur 202s.

This TSW engagement strategy ensures topics in earlier Roundtables with the most conflicting points of view had individual educational sessions with topic experts. The 202s included break-out group discussions and report-outs. The sessions addressed Mobility, Housing, Equity, and Racial Justice, Climate Action.

TSW and its multidisciplinary partners guided the planning process initiated in January 2020. Sarah McColley, an associate in planning and landscape design, and Woody Giles, a senior associate in planning, led the effort. As the Decatur Patch noted, it “constituted the largest public planning process in Decatur’s history, despite the adjustments necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Outstanding Planning Process

In addition to the adoption, the City of Decatur and TSW won the “Outstanding Planning Process” Award from the Georgia Planning Association (GPA) for Destination 2030, three complementary plans integrated into one. The award recognizes the quality of the most comprehensive overall planning process. Recipients of the GPA award are honored not just for their documentation and deliverables but for their emphasis on public outreach and participation, technical data, and analysis. Also, the equity, sustainability, and transferability of their process.

Kudos to all involved on the outstanding community-driven effort to plan for the future of Decatur!

Additional Information

CLICK HERE to access the complete Oct 19, 2021, Decatur-ish article on Destination 2030.