KB Advisory Group has created detailed plans for developing downtown cores or Town Centers.

KB Town Center Experience

Photo taken at Duluth, GA Town Center

KB Town Center Experience

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Location: Georgia


Client: Various cities and counties


Services provided: Market Feasibility Studies, Comparison Studies,  TAD Funding Potential, Catalyst Projects, Fiscal Impact, Financial Analysis, Recommendations, Strategy, and Implementation

KB Town Center Experience

KB Advisory Group’s Town Center Projects


Town Center planning efforts are often bold and broad, accomplished with engaged community leadership, municipal staff, and other partners. KB Advisory Group has a history of creating detailed plans for developing downtown cores or Town Centers. KB helps those project efforts with Market Analyses focused on achieving financial stability and growth. The firm’s deliverables are financially practical and include actionable recommendations to attract residents, businesses, and visitors to the Town Center.


2018 Evans Town Center Urban Design Study: Real Estate Market Analysis for Columbia County, GA

KB Advisory Group was a sub-consultant on the Evans Town Center project. The firm provided a market feasibility study that examined existing conditions, emerging trends, and critical issues. It also identified opportunities for future Evans Town center development.


Stakeholder interviews informed the understanding of the development challenges. An opportunity analysis considered demographic trends and local and regional market conditions. KB’s findings incorporated relevant residential and commercial development, evaluated the housing stock and home sales prices, and profiled demand generators. KB’s Evans Economic and Market Analysis helped develop Town Center planning recommendations.


2016 Special Service District (SSD) Feasibility Study for Town Center Community Improvement District (CID), Cobb County, GA


Image of Urban Design Plan for Evans Town Center, Columbia County, GA

KB analyzed a Special Service District (SSD) potential for the Town Center CID area in Cobb County, GA. KB met with CID representatives, gathering their thoughts on the potential SSD boundary. The analysts wanted to know the general cost of infrastructure improvement types and locations. The firm analyzed the revenue potential for several SSD boundary options and provided a ten-year forecast of possible revenues. KB also outlined the legal strategy required to establish an SSD, including operation in the Town Center area and a timeline for adoption.



Earlier KB Town Center experience includes the following:

  • 2016 New Town Center Master Plan – TAD Financial Analysis in Holly Springs, GA
  • 2015 Peachtree Corners LCI – Town Center-Holcomb Bridge Corridor Redevelopment Plan for City of Peachtree Corners, GA
  • 2014 Town Center Mixed-Use Development – TAD Funding Potential in Lilburn, GA
  • 2014 Town Center CID – Real Estate Market Analysis, Catalyst Project, Fiscal Impact, and Implementation Services in Cobb County, GA
  • 2012 LakePoint Town Center – Market Feasibility Analysis in Emerson, GA
  • 2007 Town Center – TAD Redevelopment Plan for the City of Oakwood, GA
  • 2007 Town Center – Development Comparison for Jekyll Island, GA
  • 2007 Proposed Towne Center Mixed-Use Development – Financial Analysis for Macon, GA
  • 2006 Town Center Retail Market Analysis and Strategy for Dacula, GA


Live link to the Case Study for KB’s Evans Town Center Study


Live links to websites for some of the Town Centers mentioned above: Holly Springs Town Center and Peachtree Corners Town Center.