Evans Town Center Study

Cover of KB's Evans Town Center Urban Design Plan 2018

Evans Town Center Study

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Location: Columbia County, GA

Client: Columbia County Board of Commissioners

Lead Consultant: TSW

Evans Town Center Study

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The Evans Urban Design Study was a community-based plan for the future growth of the Evans Town Center in Columbia County, GA. It was one of the fastest-growing counties in the US in 2018. There was a renewed interest from the public, elected officials, and county staff in developing a downtown core in Evans, GA.


What was KB’s Role?

KB Advisory Group contributed to assessing existing conditions and was responsible for the Evans Market Feasibility Study.


What was the focus of the Market Feasibility Study?

The firm’s feasibility study examined existing conditions, emerging trends, and critical issues. It also identified opportunities for future development for the Evans Town Center. For the planning effort, the design team members looked to the findings of the Market Feasibility study to develop recommendations.


Public Input

As a part of the Public Input process, KB conducted Stakeholder interviews, including real estate brokers, economic development officials, and significant property owners. The local knowledge and input helped the KB analysts understand the area’s history. The interviews also identified any challenges to future development and informed the firm’s understanding of those challenges. The firm also performed an opportunity analysis.


What is an opportunity analysis, and why was it essential to Evans?

In addition to data findings, it was vital to understand the area’s competitive position compared to similar locations where new development had clustered in recent years. The KB opportunity analysis considered demographic trends and local and regional market conditions. The findings incorporated relevant residential and commercial development, evaluated the housing stock and home sales prices, and profiled demand generators.


KB’s Evans Economic and Market Analysis drew on best practices from case studies and helped develop Town Center planning recommendations. It also informed revisions to a zoning overlay district. The firm’s work helped to create development and redevelopment growth opportunities in Evans Town Center.