ULI Etkin Scholars Program

ULI Etkin Scholars Program

KB congratulates our intern, Gabby Oliverio, on inclusion in the 2021-2022 Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Etkin Scholars Program.

The Etkin Scholars Program

Gabby was selected by the ULI Atlanta District Council for the 7-month Etkin Scholars Program starting this month to foster future leaders in real estate and other related fields. To that end, the program introduces students to ULI, and its benefits via networking and participation in their local District Council. Gabby will spend time on ULI activities each month and attend Atlanta and ULI National Etkin Scholars events. As a result, she will better understand the disciplines represented in ULI and the roles of professionals in real estate best practices and land use innovations.

A Career Goal

Gabby is a Georgia Institute of Technology graduate student actively pursuing a Master of City and Regional Planning. As an Etkin candidate, Gabby discussed career goals. One we applaud; making the development process as inclusive as possible.

She wants those directly impacted by development to be an integral part of the decision-making process. Gabby is excited to join other Etkin Scholars who are passionate about rethinking how land use and real estate meet the needs of affordability, equity, and sustainability. The program provides Gabby with an avenue for more engagement on those issues. To say nothing of further education on ways to go about solving those pressing challenges.

As part of her application, Gabby also identified the changes she wants to see in the real estate industry, land use, and development. It comes as no surprise she would like the notion of “planning with not for” strengthened by a more inclusive and collaborative built environment process. To enumerate, Gabby shared this additional thought,

“It may make the process more complex at times but changing the approach to incorporate a more community development perspective will make the industry more capable of handling the challenges we are currently facing in our urban spaces.”


KB is thrilled Gabby is an Etkin Scholar. The firm is a longtime member of ULI Atlanta. What’s more, we believe strongly in Gabby’s capacity to lead the charge and advance ULI’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

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