The state of housing in Cherokee County, Georgia

Single-family residential housing in Woodstock, GA

The state of housing in Cherokee County, Georgia

Woodstock 08.16.20 by GHudspeth
A mixed-use building in Woodstock, GA with multifamily residential above ground floor retail.

Location: Cherokee County, GA

Client: Cherokee County Planning and Zoning Department

In early December 2020, the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners received an update on a housing study initiated last fall. At the presentation, Geoff Koski, President of KB Advisory Group, discussed how the changing county demographics and relative growth in local incomes impact the shifting local housing market. 82% of the housing in Cherokee County is single-family detached homes. While having this percentage level is not necessarily a bad thing, this does increase the cost burden—where residents spend more than the recommended 30% of their household income on housing. Bleakly recommended the county consider policies that encourage a wider variety of housing types in the future. Koski said, “We’re really pleased to bring our knowledge and work with you here.”


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