Cedartown Housing Study and Needs Analysis

Cedartown Housing Study and Needs Analysis

Location: Cedartown, GA

Client: City of Cedartown

Lead Consultant: KB Advisory Group

Services Provided: Housing Study and Needs Analysis

KB Advisory Group conducts citywide housing study and needs assessment for the City of Cedartown, GA


KB Advisory Group (KB) Scope

The City of Cedartown engaged KB Advisory Group to conduct a citywide housing study. The collaborative effort aimed to provide a comprehensive perspective on how current and future residential market dynamics impact Cedartown both in the present and future.


The report served a dual purpose: it functioned as a technical assessment, offering data-driven insights into the local housing market and providing the city’s leaders with a deep and nuanced understanding of the market forces at play within Cedartown’s housing landscape, and as a communication tool that equips city staff and elected officials with the knowledge and information necessary to effectively engage with the public.


Existing Conditions

Cedartown is a community with a rich history and a strong sense of identity, which has long served as a cornerstone of Polk County, Georgia. Like many cities regionally and nationally, Cedartown has faced complex challenges like economic shifts and global disruptions that have impacted the housing market. The city is at a relative locational disadvantage compared to other cities at the periphery of Metro Atlanta and is characterized by an aging housing stock in need of extensive rehabilitation, renovation, and revitalization, and challenging development economics that prevent large-scale new construction investments. 


KB analysts identified the cities many unique assets and strengths like a charming and historic downtown, a concentration of industry and manufacturing, and a historic housing inventory that provides some measure of choice and diversity, and provided a comprehensive analysis of Cedartown’s housing market, demographics, and the policy considerations required to address these pressing challenges.


The Findings

KB analysts recommended that the City of Cedartown approach housing with a balanced perspective that not only caters to current residents but also makes the city an attractive destination for prospective ones. Three strategies were proposed to achieve this vision: enhance capacity building, maintain and strengthen existing housing inventory, and increase opportunities for new housing production.


KB analysts proposed a series of recommendations to carry out the strategies and ultimately achieve a housing environment that is beneficial for current and future Cedartown residents.