KB Advisory Group is delighted to continue our work with Atlanta Housing (AH), which began 14 years ago

Diving Deeper: Working with Atlanta Housing

Diving Deeper: Working with Atlanta Housing

KB Advisory Group is delighted to continue our work with Atlanta Housing (AH), which began 14 years ago when AH was known as the Atlanta Housing Authority. At that time, when KB was known as Bleakly Advisory Group, we conducted housing supply and demand analyses for Scholars Landing, AH’s initial Choice Neighborhoods programs. KB’s work for AH continued through the years, then in June 2021, AH chose KB to assist in creating the Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan for the former Bowen Homes site with our partner on the project Sycamore Consulting, Inc.

Via HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants, Atlanta Housing aims to create comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plans by examining vacant properties, housing, businesses, services, and schools in under-resourced neighborhoods with distressed public or HUD-assisted housing. The revitalization plans focus on directing resources to address three core goals: Housing, People, and Neighborhoods.

KB’s first Choice engagement addressed critical improvements related to the former University Homes site in the Atlanta University Center Consortium (AUCC) in West Atlanta, Asheview Heights, and Vine City neighborhoods, known collectively as the University Choice Neighborhood.

KB Advisory Group, along with Sycamore, is pleased to be working with the design and planning team of Gaskins, Randy Gibbs, Kimley-Horn, TSW, and United Consulting on a community-driven planning process for Bowen. We will help AH set a vision for the redevelopment and transformation of the former Bowen Homes site in Neighborhood Planning Unit G (NPU-G). And also make recommendations related to the Carey Park neighborhood and its surroundings.

The work begins with understanding the real estate and community development opportunities and then developing strategies and tactics to act on the options. Atlanta’s Westside has received a lot of development community attention over the past decade. Particularly those areas just west and north of Midtown and near the BeltLine. Additionally, Microsoft recently purchased 90-acres of land near the Bankhead MARTA Station, approximately three miles east of the Bowen site. The increased development activity in the area has likely created additional competition in the area.

Our years of work in local housing analysis provide us with an understanding of the complexities of affordable and market-rate housing and the policies, economics, and market forces that define them. The process will identify where feasible development strategies intersect with improved community outcomes at the neighborhood and household levels.

We are excited to apply 20+ years of deep market knowledge in Atlanta into policy, impact, and demand studies for housing at the Bowen site, and assist AH with planning for implementation and offering recommendations on more mixed-income and affordable housing in Atlanta.






Additional Information:

Project Location: NPU-G, City of Atlanta

Name of Client: Atlanta Housing

KB Advisory Group Role on Project: Please see the Services page of the KB website for work categories.

Lead Consultant: KB leads the Real Estate Analytics & Community Engagement Services team with Sycamore Consulting, Inc. as a sub-consultant and is responsible for the Bowen Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan.

Duration of Project: 24 months – in process 2021 and scheduled to finish in December 2022.